Folkways Magazine is an online publication which offers subjective reviews of new and old music, film and art. Each of the writers are experts in their field and they tend to relate their subjects to experiences in their personal lives.

James Joseph Kaufholz.

Though his whereabouts are not absolute, it is commonly assumed that he is somewhere in Gainesville, FL. During the Cold War, his involvement in Soviet espionage resulted in a subsequent gag order. However, no longer being seen as a threat to national security, James has been given permission to write for Folkways Magazine, due to the publication’s role in advancing a creative, peaceful society.

Evan Patrick Sherman.

South Jersey resident on the outskirts of the pine barrens. Avid hiker and trapping expert. Favors loosing himself on the wilderness for days. Upon his returns he proclaims his readiness to provide strong personal opinions on previous or current music and movie releases. Little else is known about him or his dealings with those from folkwaysmagazine.com, suffice it to say, the connection is strong.

Christopher Alan Rambo.

Currently residing in Bradenton, Florida, his place in the universe has been discussed by many great minds. He spent much of the late 18th century studying dietetics with the shakers both within and without the newest government both for and by the people. In 1836, he was seen in attendance at Emerson’s transcendentalists society. Throughout the 20th century, he digested hundreds of albums and films. Each night, as he sleeps, he dreams a new article for Folkways Magazine.