Deströyer 666 – “Wildfire”

Destroyer-666-Wildfire-500x500With a belligerent riff and a scalding wail, “Traitor” welcomes the listener to one of the best records of 2016. Wildfire, by Deströyer 666 is pummeling black/death/thrash of the highest, most esteemed, variety. The songs are energetic, flagrant, and filled with memorable riffs aplenty. “Live and Burn,” carries the torch with a catchy chorus and screeching guitar solos. Wildfire bounces with 80’s youthful indiscretion and scorches with early 90’s aggression. There are so many moments that make you sit back and remember why you love metal so much, moments that make you say out loud, “Yes, that was awesome.”

Then, it gets even better. The track, “Hounds at Ya Back,” is one of the best metal songs of the year, hands down. For those that are uninitiated into the world of metal, those who might be interested in the genre as a whole, or those that wonder whether this type of music is for them, “Hounds at Ya Back,” is the best possible ambassador, it doesn’t necessarily hold the door for you to enter so much as it throws you through the window, head first. Not only is it an amazing song, but it also reminds you how to properly pronounce the word, “iron,” strange as that may seem. Sure, there are plenty of other great metal songs that are marvelous testaments to the genres validity, this is just another one to place on top of the heap.

“Deathblow” keeps the onslaught in high gear. “Hymn to Dionysus” slows things down halfway through the song and ends with a doom infused riff that leads the song into oblivion. The title track does not let things settle as it pushes the energy back towards it’s thrashiest breaking point. Most of the soloing flies in like a roman candle, zipping erratically through a distorted and reverberated universe, it is representative of the energy building up and spilling over, shooting about with wild abandon. “White Line Fever,” and “Die You Fucking Pig!” keeps the thrash element alive and well. “Tamad Shud” begins with a great black metal riff and an accompanying riff that reminds of Blut Aus Nord, trapped floating helplessly in space. The album closes out in chanting, as if warriors crying out for Valhalla. Wildfire, is an awesome album. It is one of the best straightforward metal albums of the year.


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